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Sentinel is a leading security provider for Los Angeles and all Southern California communities including Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley and more.


We sell, install and service all types of quality gates, including ornametnal driveway gates, garden gates and security gates. Complete quality fencing and gate packages that include automatic gate openers, wrought iron fencing and many other options are available. We can meet all your security needs from security gates to residential, auto and business locks. Our professional staff includes experts trained in gate installation and repair, as well as emergency 24 hour locksmiths.

Home Security Using High Quality Automatic Gates

Automated gates and fenced-in lawns are a terrific comfort. Many of us benefit from fencing and gates to stop dogs and little ones from getting away and to hold wildlife and trespassers out. Automatic gates are dependable as a rule. Concerns can take place in set up as well as after. However, with the right install and maintenance gates and fence products will survive the test of time.

Various thoughts manifest whenever pondering secure fencing within a landscape. The crucial element to bear in mind is normally laws regarding the installation of the fencing and gate. Always make sure the town your house is in permits this and inquire concerning exact height rules, structure ordinances as well as other standards that need to be realized. You need to obtain a permit for the installing of an automatic gate and fence. An inspector out of your locale should come out and assess the place.

It will be essential that the using of an automated gate is not going to restrict admittance to the property or home by emergency vehicles. The gate needs to open up sufficiently to enable these kinds of vehicles to enter with no trouble. Additionally, it is necessary that the fence is within town specifications and is not going to hamper the view of oncoming traffic and makes for a dependable departure and access to the premises.

Factors appear with the installing of the gate and fence if badly grounded. It's always necessary that the supplier putting in the electric gate and fence is really skilled in the using grounding rods. When left wrongly hooked up it can be a safety peril for household pets and people alike.

The advantages really are sizeable with regards to installing a fence and automatic gate. Most security gates are iron gates, which along with their obvious metallic strength comes a variety of styles and type. Automatic gates can supply security and safety and comfort. They produce a home that's reduced as a target to rob as a result of the increased secureness associated with the existence of the fence and gate. This also supplies secureness in the sense that small children are able to have fun out in the open free of parents being worried about unknown people going into the property or little children getting out. Secure fencing adds a good all round boundary between the external environment and the dwelling.

While contemplating the price associated with a fence and automatic gate you need to take into account you can expect to regain cash on the fence purchase from the resale value it boosts your property. People who've added fence and gate units can see real estate worth increase from around ten to twenty percent. It's a residential remodelling that should increase benefits as a result of increased security for your spouse and children in addition to profit when selling.



The Components of Electric Gates

Automatic gates consist of two essential pieces: the electric motor and the opener. Additionally, there are a few extras used in addition to them. Knowing about these elements allow you to pinpoint standard automatic gate concerns.

Certainly you’ve looked at automatic gates, and you really aren’t positive what precisely they are made of. Electric gates consist of certain elements that make them operate properly. It’s crucial that you understand about them, so if an issue arises to your gate you can actually assess the trouble and do as a minimum the standard remedy. There are actually two key pieces that comprise automatic gates: the electric gate motor and the electric gate opener.

Typically the electric gate motor is viewed as the key piece in your automatic gate. This component will allow it to move (to open and close) without human involvement. One can find varieties of motors for automatic gates and range relating to the place they should be used along with the magnitude of power they yield. One can’t expect to have the exact same motor to get hooked up in a double-swing gate as you will find in a single swing gate. However, you will have two significant methods as where you are able to install it. It's possible to have it on the surface or, better yet, under it.

As the name indicates, the electric gate opener is intended to help you open the gate. In the past, there were very few who could possibly afford to supply an opener in their gate. Now considering the integration of the latest technological innovations and their value, one can find a lot more people that are implementing automatic gates at their own property. There are many kinds of openers for electric gates, and they cover anything from wireless to wired keypads, entry transmitters, or automatic gate locks. What you may should implement is really subject to your own taste. Having said that, if you need the one which affords the top efficiency, you could try the entry transmitters. They benefit from an RF (radio frequency) card which the individual that wishes to enter is required to swipe through reader. There’s no need to push any buttons, memorize any specific code, or wait for a long time, which is certainly the way it is utilizing intercom products.

Apart from the routine elements, it's also possible to add some optional gear to your automatic gate. One such extra is an electronic timer. You can easily specify a sufficient time in which you'll provide a “free pass” to your gate. You only need to have to enter the optimum time for it utilizing the timer. It could possibly function as long as 20 hours and be operated using a battery. Additionally you can employ a fire control switch key, that is developed particularly for the situation of a property fire and the automatic gate will not be performing effectively any longer.

There are a number of possibilities with regards to where one can acquire these types of components. You may just pay a visit to your local gate dealers. In most cases, they already have at the least the motor and the opener.




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